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Viqua Sterilight® Platinum™ Series

Ensuring the safety of your water.

UV disinfection for drinking water is an acceptable alternative disinfectant under the drinking water regulations worldwide, as long as the equipment has proof of performance (third party validation).

NSF is a certified testing facility that conducts UV validations under the NSF 55
Class A protocol.

Sterilight SPV systems have undergone validation with NSF and hold certification to deliver an accepted dose of 40 mJ/cm2.

Safety-Loc™ Lamp Connector

Flow-Pace™ UV Sensor

Electropolished and Passivated Reactor Chamber

Platinum ICE Controller

Who is VIQUA - a Trojan Technologies Company

VIQUA is a leading water treatment technology company focused on providing our customers – residential and light commercial – confidence in their water. Offering a complete solution package including UV disinfection, water filtration, softeners and ozone products.